Why does Meditation sometimes feel uncomfortable?

Meditation is a process of introspection, allowing us to quieten the mind and relax the body

It is intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention

By being in a state of calm, we are able to observe ourselves, our body and our thoughts

It is through this observation of our thoughts, that we can change our psychological well-being

Some people find meditation easier than others, but we are all capable of achieving some benefit from it

Sometimes just recognising our thought processes is enough to facilitate changes

Other times, this quieting of the mind may feel uncomfortable

Some people may even say they feel worse after attempting meditation

But this discomfort that arises, is an indication that there is resistance or an issue that needs further consideration or healing

Self awareness and change IS uncomfortable, and this is where the work towards healing and improvement begins

So don’t give up if you find meditation feels challenging

Return to a state of observing these thoughts and physical responses

Denying or suppressing these difficult feelings only allows them to remain lodged in your consciousness

Avoiding these triggers is avoiding growth and healing

And as the saying goes, you have to feel it to heal it

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