Smells like Teen Sadness- Anxiety and Depression in Teenagers

More and more young people are suffering anxiety and depression.

Suicide is still the biggest risk of death for young people.

In an era where life is arguably easier than ever, why are young people so unhappy?

Let’s take a look at what they are being raised on.

Society and social media are constantly bombarding them with the message that there is something wrong with them.

Advertising is designed to tell you, “ You need this, or you should do that”, with the aim of making people feel like they have to buy their way to happiness.

Social media encourages comparison to others, in an artificial and unrealistic format.

3 out of 4 young’s girls from the age of 11 have used filters to improve their appearance.

Young men learn that porn is the model for a normal relationship.

Self esteem becomes based on how many likes are received,

approval and validation becomes the addictive measure of self worth.

So anxiety and depression are a natural result of these conditions.

So what are some things you can do to change this?

Set boundaries around what you consume, whether social media, online or materially

Learn to discern what is bringing you healthy benefits, and what doesn’t

Limit the time spent consuming, and spend more time creating

Connect with things and people that feel authentic and uplifting

Disconnect from things that lower your vibe

Acknowledge and honour your uniqueness

And of course, get support or assistance from a therapist if things become overwhelming

You are special, you are worthy, and deserving of a life that celebrates your just as you are

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