Relationship Flags - what to look for

When beginning a new relationship, there can be early signs that indicate whether the relationship will develop into a healthy, loving relationship or a toxic codependent relationship

Red flags or negative indicators might include

Instant attraction & chemistry

It’s highly physical and sexual

It swings between highs and lows

Important conversations are avoided

It’s draining and brings out your worst traits

It feels addictive and hard to quit

Aspects of yourself are hidden

You need them to fill a void

It replays your trauma and wounds

Alternatively, a healthy relationship indicators might be

It starts with attraction and curiosity that builds over time

The connection is physical, sexual, as well as having emotional connection

Important conversations are priority

The relationship feels like a privilege and choice

It has openness and transparency

There is a focus on commitment and growth

You don’t need them to fill a void

It uplifts and encourages your best self

These are all important things to consider in creating a balanced, loving and respectful relationship

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