Mindfulness- the cheat code to level up

Mindfulness is a term most of you have heard of, but what does it actually mean, and why is it so important?

The definition of Mindfulness is maintaining a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and surroundings.

It is from this point of awareness, that we are able to assess the reason and validity of our thoughts.

Not all thoughts are factual or helpful, and from a mindset of observation we can assess calmly what is working for us, and what is not.

Mindfulness also provides an opportunity to examine how our thoughts and feelings affect our physical body, which can sometimes be heightened effects such as elevated heart rate, restricted breathing and feelings of anxiousness. Alternatively, thoughts may cause feelings of low energy, lethargy and depression.

Using mindfulness techniques is a way to find observations of self, to accept our thoughts without judgment, and to then develop more considered responses.

It’s learning to respond rather than react.

It’s using your rational mind, with a balanced emotional mind to develop a wise mind.

There are many ways to develop mindfulness skills. It doesn’t have to be structured or formal like some types of meditation. It can be as simple as focusing your awareness during daily tasks, observing each detail of your sensory experience, without judgment or distraction.

It’s like getting the cheat code to rewire yourself, giving you extra knowledge and skills to level up. It’s getting access to information that only you know, in order to create your best self.

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