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“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

- Shakespeare

Wellness Counselling
Heart- Centred Therapy
Mental Maintenance

Counselling is a process of open discussion between a counsellor and client. The aim is:

-  to uncover where blocks or obstacles may exist, that prevent you from living your best, unencumbered, happiest life


-  YOU choosing your way forward


- discovering ways to reduce negative emotional reactions


-  learning skills to combat stressful situation


-  reduce the struggle


- becoming more patient and accepting of the imperfections of others as well as yourself

With a holistic view, and focus on true heart feelings, a heart-centred approach works with natural emotional expressions, that create deeper experiences of peace, joy, happiness and gratitude.

Living with heart- mind alignment becomes more effortless, and your overall health improves, as you embrace the flow of life and relationships.

Become more genuine and authentic with yourself.

Enhance your experience of life in meaning, purpose and connections with others.

We get regular check-ups for our physical health, but what about our mental health?


This is just as important. Sometimes when life feels a little overwhelming, we might need to review what's going on in our lives.

Taking some time to maintain your mental health, will help you step back, allow you to reassess, and evaluate what's going on.

Using the skills you've learned, you can refocus and determine your best way forward with support and understanding.

Couples Therapy

Discover the true source of conflict in interpersonal relationships.


Become more patient and accepting of the imperfections in yourself and others.

Reduce emotional turmoil by learning to respond , instead of reacting in stressful situations.

Find ways to forgive and release issues that are beyond your control.

Develop an enhanced experience of intimacy and genuineness in relationships.


Meditation and Mindfulness are effective tools that your can utilize to improve your overall wellbeing, and is something everyone can do and benefit from.


Discover the awareness that gives you the edge in managing your emotions and reactions.


Learn to listen to your feelings as information, without letting them control you.


Feel the inner peace and calm achieved through mindfulness and meditation.

Adolescent Therapy

So many teenagers struggle with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and stress.


By uncovering the underlying causes of this, they are able to gain a better understanding  and awareness of their emotions.


This  can empower them to make better choices, and to develop skills and techniques to assist them to not only cope with life, but to thrive.


About Me

Roxanne Paynter is a qualified Counsellor, member of the Australian Counselling Association, and trained in Gottman Therapy Couples Counselling. 


An intuitive, empathetic person, with a wealth of life experience, Roxanne can communicate well with people from all walks of life. She offers relatable, down to earth insight.

With a holistic approach, she focuses on heart-centred therapy and mindfulness. Her strengths lie in working with anxiety, depression, and people recovering from emotional abuse and trauma.


Roxanne combines counselling with Vagus Nerve Therapy, to restore positive physiological responses and to create new positive pathways. (This is effective for people dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma recovery.)

For E.A.P. Clients, Roxanne also has experience in Business Management, Skills Training and Assessment, Coaching and Development, Meditation and Mindfulness.


Author of two books of guided meditations:

 "Soul Safari" Meditations for all Ages, and

 "Small Souls" Meditations for Children, a very popular book that parents, teachers and health care support workers use.


Available to purchase here, on the Book Online section, or from www.joshuabooks.com